Digital Marketing Product Reviews

Making money online through affiliate marketing, e-commerce and by other means is no easy task. You could start from scratch with a minimal investment by making Youtube videos, but if the video is not properly optimized, has good content and visually appealing, chances are the video won’t go anywhere.

Affiliate Marketing Reviews

The same with affiliate marketing with a website. If you don’t know search engine optimization you may need to rely on paid advertising. However, paid advertising only works well if you know what you are doing by targeting the right keywords and maintaining your budget.  For E-com, you can spend a fortune on Facebook ads and never see a return. However, it is possible to make huge returns if you do it right.

With all of these options on the table, there really is only one thing you should focus on and that is to seek the advice of a professional marketer in your field. Although there is tons of advice online through youtube and other websites, you have to be careful who you are listening to. Most marketers won’t give their information away for free, unless they somehow try to lure you in with some info and then get you into their funnel, selling you along the way.

The Best Info Isn’t Free

Let’s face it, the best information is not free. Now that’s not entirely true because some marketers will release old information for free that may still work but it is not a guarantee. To get something up to date and cutting edge, you are going to need to buy a course. Some courses start around $47 which is pretty common. But ask yourself, do you think a $47 course is going to help. In my opinion, if the course is of value, then the marketer should charge a premium. $2000 for a course is not uncommon, but will most likely come with a guarantee should you find the information not useful.

Once you have decided on a course, the next thing you should do is do a search for a review. You should look for a digital marketing product review site that reviews the product you are looking to purchase. A site like this will allow you to get a better idea if the course is worth it or not. Some will give you actual screen shots of the course so you can better gauge the quality. In some cases, bonuses will be given if you make a purchase right from their site.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you might get lucky with some free advice but most of the information that is of value to make a living online is purchased via a course. Take your time in your purchase decision and focus more on feedback, rather than the sales pitch from the vendor.