Budget vs Premium Funerals in Australia

Budget funerals in Brisbane
The average cost of a burial across various funeral homes in Australia is around $7,000. However, funeral costs vary from one facility to another and depend on a number of factors depending on whether you want a burial or cremations only no service function; cremations are often cheaper than burials. It will also depend on the type of ceremony you settle for including special religious or cultural requirements. You can always go for budget funeral services to save more money although this comes with limited features than premium funerals. 

Things to consider

There are several aspects to any funeral that determine how successful and costly it will be. When looking for funeral directors and services, it is advisable to take some time and compare your options. Not all services you come across will be desirable so conducting a keen review is worth every second. The two important things to consider before hiring funeral services include the following:

Features and options

Budget funerals offer basic plans that go for around $4,500. This option can accommodate a moderate ceremony that still allows you to pay final respects to your loved ones or friends in a fashionable way. A basic cremation can cost up to $3,600. If you are looking for elaborate funerals, then you may end up paying in excess of $15,000. It is important to review the features in each plan and find out if your unique requirements are met. These include body preservation, autopsy, hearse services, burial/cremation, guest reception, and meals. Others include clergy fees, organist, advertising, flowers and chapel fees, coffin, cemetery, and certificates. 


Although elaborate funerals offer more features and tend to be better than budget funerals, you should not be forced to spend a fortune on a funeral service. You can still find reputable funeral homes that provide high-quality budget services. Before choosing a funeral home, make sure you read a few customer reviews and find out what other clients think of the services. Reliable businesses and services will often have a positive reputation and good reviews. 

There are other minor aspects to review including quality guarantees and experience in the business as well as a cost comparison. As aforesaid, the cost of funeral services varies depending on the firm, type of service chosen (features) and option (burial or cremation). Location may also affect the total cost. 

Budget vs. premium (which one should I pick?)

Funeral services are aimed at sending off the deceased in a respectful way as you celebrate their lives. It is important to organize a memorable service that will leave you feeling better even though nothing is great about losing someone close to you. A premium service will offer various features and include everything you want; it is what most people would have if they can afford it. However, you do not need to stress about premium services if it will put you in financial trouble. A budget funeral service will still provide all the essential features and can be customised to suit your unique requirements. You only need to find a reputable funeral director in Australia known to provide high-quality burial and cremation services in the area. Once you have a few firms that can guarantee successful services, proceed to compare their quotes and find your affordability edge.