Aztec Rugs Make Your Home Decor Pop

1522352346_aztec-rugAztec Area Rugs Are The Latest Interior Design Trend

Aztec style home decor has always played a vital role in my life and within my family’s home. I am one of five children of my amazing single mother. Growing up, our family moved houses frequently, which meant new bare walls and unfamiliar rooms. Though we never lived in the best houses, my mother held a philosophy that decor within a household was responsible for making the place feel comfortable and like a loving home. My mother taught me that if one chooses to decorate their house with light neutral tones, it would create a warm and positive environment, as opposed to dark hues. My family moved into various homes, but each was decorated beautifully by my mother and provided comfort for my large family.


Growing up, my mother always chose to decorate our home with light shades of brown mixed with olive green decor. Along the walls, whether they were rented or not, we hung beautiful pictures of the people we love the most. Almost all the home decor we hung on the walls, or placed around the house, were second-hand or gifted to us. Looking up at the walls of each home and seeing my siblings and myself frozen in a cheerful framed moment provided me with comfort and love.

Recently, I have moved out of my mother’s home, but I still carry her ideas with me in my rented room. I’ve chosen to hang the best pictures of everyone that I love, and I seem to always choose browns for decorating. I may not live at home with my mother anymore, but I desire to have my room feel like my mother’s comforting home. Decor will always have a place in my home to help me create a warm and loving environment for all guests. Everyone was especially impressed when they saw the Southwestern Rugs Depot Aztec rug that my mom placed on the floor for guests to see as soon as they entered our home.

I am in college pursuing a career in high school teaching. Right now, I am living in a rented room in a different family’s home, as mentioned previously. The main reason for my college education is to be the first of my family to receive a college degree and own a home. My career goal will allow me to be able to own my own home and be able to paint and hang pictures on the walls permanently. Within five years, I believe I will have accomplished my goal of becoming a teacher and hopefully will have a place of my own.


Going furniture shopping as an adult is oddly one of the things my friends and I have talked at length about. What isn’t exciting about getting to color coordinate your microwave to your refrigerator or finding that perfect bedside table? I suppose the actual exciting part is being able to choose everything yourself, making your home decor be a representation of your personality. As a child, I didn’t get to give much of my opinion on how we decorated. Not that I was ignored, but it just wasn’t the most important thing to consider, especially when other factors such as cost came in. However, now as a college student, I have complete freedom to decorate. Although it is just a dorm rather than a full apartment, and only a section of the dorm, it is still very exciting. Being away from home can be hard and the decor in my room is the one thing that I am able to shape in a way to remind me of where I came from.


Aztec style decor becomes less about matching colors and more about certain pieces reminding me of my grandma and her wonderful cooking or how my mom loves Cherrywood. I remember going all out my first year of college with pictures of a family hanging from clothespins and strings, posters of my favorite artists, and inspirational signs everywhere. My side of the room was always the most decorative. But as the years went on, I became a little less decorative. Now I am halfway through my third year and I still have not finished decorating my room.


It is something I keep putting off and I can feel the effects of it. I don’t enjoy time in my room as much anymore and I feel myself longing for a picture to look at or something to remind me of my loved ones. Once I return I am going to dedicate some time to make it my second home once again. For my final year in college, I will be moving into an unfurnished apartment so I am already beginning my search for details that will give the perfect touch of home but of a new beginning as well. Though I am only 20 my dream of going furniture shopping as an adult will finally come to life.