About MicroCap Group

MicroCapMagazine.com’s News will always contend you with the best available information about the latest news and the finest analysis on the ongoing topics around the world. We will also provide you the up to date analysis of the most important topics impacting the world.

Our Team

Robert V. Boyd: Chief Editor.

  • Took charge in many lead roles for various organizations after completing his post doc in mass communication and journalism.
  • Very creative and resourceful person.
  • His intellect always amazes.
  • He enjoys debating about issues and values knowledge.
  • His main interests are in rapidly growing climate change and career guidance.

Darlene McCollum: Head Writer.

  • Completed her masters in creative writing and loves to write about science and technology.
  • Believes in living the life with utmost values.
  • Gets excited by new ideas and values traditions.

Susan G. Crespo: Our senior most writer in the line of head writer.

  • Spends her time travelling around the world.
  • Writes best reviews in travel and food.
  • If you are looking for a vacation just pick one her best reviewed places.

Kevin B. Atencio: Our Guest Editor

  • Established himself as an expert in politics and political strategies
  • His writings got published in various journals like C4ISR and USA Today
  • His main interests are in politics and defense mechanisms.

Thomas Green: Our Content analyst is one of youngest persons on the board completed his masters in journalism.

  • Even before beginning of career his works were published in various magazines,
  • loves writing about history and health.

Donald Swayze: Our Guest Editor holds degrees in economics, computers and environmental studies, works mostly on the changes effecting the environment