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What you need to get high ranking for your car repair business


Get Page 1 ranking for your car repair shop business

Did you know that 80% of the global market is controlled by 20% of giant brands? You would ask: where are all the other brands you thought were doing well. This means that 80% of the other businesses are left to pick up scraps from the remaining 20% market share.

Fortunately, you can do something about and probably scale up the ladder to the lion’s share. Getting high ranking for your car repair business is one way to the top. And how can you get that? It is all here in this post.

Search the right keywords

Keywords are the first step to high ranking. For instance, if you are running a business of car repair in Calgary then the keywords “car”, “repair” and “Calgary” have an important role in your catch phrases.

You should own a website and add great content

Before making their decision, 80% of consumers will use online searches and reviews. For your business, this means two things: you need a website and great content. Get a great website and add relevant content. Getting reviews from your visitors will make or break your chance to get high ranking.

Keep it consistent

Once you get your listing, it is important you stick to your initial details. Your business name, address and phone number should remain the same across all platforms. Just you know, Bing and Google hate inconsistent and you do not want to make them angry.

Use your social media to your advantage

Social media are the hunting grounds for any business looking to attract and convert customers. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, GooglePlus and the rest receive millions of visitors each day. If you could position your business in the right way to get attention from these visitors you will have the last laugh. Conduct some research on what is trending on each of the social platforms. Keep up with those trends and you will be surprised how easy you become the favorite spot for social media traffic.

It is time to go mobile

Do you know that a million new mobile devices are activated everyday in the world? Apparently, this is higher than the number of babies being born every day in the world. It is no doubt that mobile is the king of exposing your brand. Even for local business whose customers are always on the move, it is time you have plans on the ground for mobile.

If you are not yet there, it is time you give your customers the kind of experience they are looking forward to. It is simply going where the future is leading you. And it will not cost any significant amount of dollars to get there.

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