Indonesia Blew Up 81 Fishing Boats


On 1st April, JAKARTA Indonesia caught fishing boats poaching in its waters and blew all 81 of them. Since October 2014. The total number of boats confiscated and destroyed by Indonesia reaches up to 317. This has been done on the orders of the president Joko Widodo who has launched a battle against the poachers and has ordered to take a tough action against any ship which enters the waters illegally. The orders are to destroy and sink every boat caught fishing illegally in the country’s waters.

Indonesia, the Southeast Asian country, has one of the richest fish grounds in the world and has always been on the verge of illegal fishing until now. The country is now doing all it can and taking quite rough and strict measures to protect its richest fish grounds from poachers. They are mostly from countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and the Asian neighborhood making incursions into the vast and rich waters of Indonesia.


On the incident that happened this April Susi Pudjiastuti the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries said that she hopes that the sinking of ships would be an impediment for the wrong doers and illegal crawlers. In a statement referring to the boats that sank Pudjiastuti said: “We hope that Sino is a symbol of our victory over fish poaching”. She said that while she was witnessing two destroyed vessels in Ambo in eastern Indonesia. She also declared it a victory for Indonesia against illegal fishing.

In another statement, Susi said, “There was a time when thousands of foreign vessels came freely to steal our fish, but now they will know, Indonesia will overcome this crime.” Indonesia had been suffering from the annual loss of more than US $20 billion from poaching in its territory’s vast waters.

Because of the strict measures the country has adopted, it is facing some tension with its neighbors as well. Last year, a Chinese coast guard vessel got involved when Indonesia tried to keep a Chinese vessel for sailing and fishing illegally in its rich waters near the disputed the South China Sea. China is claiming almost all the sea lane while the rest of the countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have intersecting claims.

To stand victorious and achieve the goal of guarding its waters, along with maximizing the potential of its sector, Indonesia has been taking extreme and strict measures lately. Indonesia has been modernizing its industries and its industry practices, abolishing trans-shipment activities, and most importantly going after the poachers.

Indonesia is also busy in enhancing its maritime surveillance capabilities and very recently they have also launched two new very fast patrol boats. Indonesian Air force has also said that they plan on strengthening its aerial reconnaissance.  As well as their surveillance capabilities. They have planned to achieve this target by expanding their fleet of spy planes so that spying and sinking poachers is easier and more quickly.